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Smoking Doll is an entirely new type of Asian fusion restaurant, combining high-end ingredients with authentic flavours and reimagining them with innovative twists for a unique culinary adventure. Simply, we take modern Asian Dining to the next level.

We work on the cutting edge of innovative culinary concepts, blending the best of Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine and invigorating the traditional flavours with a touch of luxury and modern refinement. Our customers indulge in the highest quality ingredients while experiencing comfort through the food they’ve never imagined possible. Explosions of flavour are brought together in the fresh, bold style defined by Smoking Doll.

Here, food is an unforgettable experience, and we aim to exhilarate all of your senses, from your eyes to tastebuds. Our approach to food is artistic, which reflects in our one-of-a-kind ambience. Inspired by Asia’s finest and guided by uncompromising elegance, we reinvented the classics to deliver the extraordinary.

Cosy restaurant with a good ambience. It makes you feel more hungry lol. The food was great and the service is just as awesome. Would recommend this to all. Have a lovely season!

Rizalino Galicia III


Our local, never lets us down. We were served by Von, who always looks after us impeccably and is very attentive and polite. Great food, great interior, lovely staff - what’s not to like?

Tuba Khalid


At first, I thought it would just be another restaurant. But no, Smoking Doll is a heaven on earth for people who love food. They exquisitely bring Asian delicacies to the people. And the service was superb!

Ronald Valenton